Snacking without shopping

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I hate sensible shopping. Very sensible, true, but you’ll miss the bare essentials like chocolates and crisps at important moments. Recently some unexpexted visitors called at my door and I made them some snacks with ingredients that are always in … Continue reading

Bread and play

Bread and cheese-1
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It’s been kind of quiet here… It’s not that I didn’t bake, but a lot of my energy has to go now to my financial situation: trying to get some organization in the over all chaos and finishing up the … Continue reading

Orange Almond Cake

Orange almond cake
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My favourite cooking book is Niki Segnit’s Flavour Thesaurus. It’s not really a cooking book, but it’s all about combining different flavours. In the books lots of flavours are paired and about each pairing Segnit writes a short story. It … Continue reading

Currant buns

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When Julia (six years old) was coming to stay with me, I asked her what she wanted to do. Without hesitation she said: “baking!”. Then I asked her what she wanted to bake, I expected her to ask for one … Continue reading

Saint Honoré

Saint Honoré cake
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My mother never baked cakes. We used to have frozen cakes from the supermarket, for a while our favourite was a Saint Honoré cake. When the brand decided to discontinue this cake, I never had a Saint Honoré again. This … Continue reading

Orange cognac

Peeling the orange
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So, yesterday the Dutch queen held a speech to announce her abdication. Starting April 30 we will have a king in stead of a queen. I completely missed the speech, because I was making Orange Cognac. In itself this is … Continue reading

Chocolate cake with Julia

Julia cuts the cake
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Julia’s mom called me and put Julia on the phone “Annemiek”, she said “Coming Saturday I’m going to play at your house and we’re going to make chocolate cake and pizza”. So, that was settled. Julia’s mom and I, we … Continue reading

Coconut cookies

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I guess these coconut cookies with oatmeal was the first recipe I tried out from scratch. As a kid I loved baking, I started out with cookies, then my mum helped me once with a cake, but admitted that she … Continue reading

Hypo-allergy cake

Both tarts
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My colleague found out that she has a lot of allergies. Since I always enjoy baking for my colleagues around my birthday, I promised her that I would bake her a hypo-allergy cake. I didn’t really know what I was … Continue reading

Cinnamon bread

Cinnamon bread
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Just because I found the recipe on internet and I had to do my administration and clean up my house, I decided to make this bread. Yummie, and it looks nice